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There are many explanation from the various website to describe about DCIM, so what is today DCIM should accomplish? what are the different between DCIM and DCEM? 

DCIM should allow you to more efficiently manage your data center and optimize your utilization of power, space and physical networks.    It should also allow you to more efficiently manage and complete common tasks in the data center such as moves, adds and changes, getting more work done at lower cost. 

As for DCEM (Data Center Energy Management), Gartner introduced that term to replace DCIM ( I = infrastructure ) but then rejected the use of that term as it was too restrictive.   Per my definition above, DCIM covers more than just energy management, which is why the term got dropped.  It is about managing data center utilization from a wide variety of perspectives, not just energy.

DCEM also stands for Data Center Enterprise Management, a term coined by an independent company.

By this definition, the term covers Management of more than one Data Center from a single product/service and provides integration with high power analytics and smart grid technologies, in addition to all the other bells and whistles normally associated with x=I.

Proliferation of terminology is a good example of  why it is important to utilize somewhat "neutral" organizations like Uptime for definitions. As there are many members of Uptime, it is hard for any one party to affect standard definitions without consensus.

There are many variants of what I call DCxM where x = I, E(1), E(2), F, and T. Indeed, one could substitute almost every letter to take advantage, although it is hard to imagine terminology that would effectively use x=Z !!

Is there any documents which states High availability and Disaster recovery information about the product nlyte system (Data Centre Infrastructure Management). and general architecture diagram?

I'm interested in learning more about best practices around Infrastructure Asset maintenance tracking and lifecycle tracking for non-IT assets that support power and cooling (UPS, PDU's, MCU, Generators, Cooling towers, etc). How can a DCIM solution help with this? What are other companies doing for tracking this kind of data and what are the strategies for lifecycling equipment.

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