One of the most important infrastructures pre-requisite in an IT establishment is that of cooling. Cooling systems do not mean air conditioners for offices and adequate ventilation. It also means data center cooling and computer room cooling. To ensure server longevity and organization vitality, it is important that the organization has a good connection of chillers and compressors. If you are establishing an IT organization, then one of the most herculean tasks is to establish a proper data center cooling system. Before you decide the right cooling system, you must analyze the efficiency level of your facility and the rack power density of your equipment.

While managing the data center cooling system, there are three major issues you may encounter.

Power Consumption

Actual  IT equipments consume far lesser power than the cooling systems. It is a fact that cooling is the biggest power consumer in any system. Hence, it is important that you choose the right solution so as to have improved and optimum energy efficiency level. For this, you must first define the power consumption and power density needs of all the IT equipment in the organization. This must be followed by chalking a solution suiting the equipment. This gives ample room for flexibility. Also following a systematic pattern gives you room for scalability in future. Picking the correct solution will not only influence greatly on the energy efficiency level but also has an immense effect on the operational cost of the establishment.

Room Temperature

One of the key components in managing the room temperature is to understand the data center cooling technology. This is very important as you do not want a shooting electricity bill owing to higher air conditioner and compressor cooling consumption! For this you must understand different concepts like Data Center infrastructure efficiency Assessment, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Power Usage Effectiveness. Also you must understand the air circulation, ventilation direction of the room. These will help you set an optimal cooling system.

Environmental Condition

To achieve maximum efficiency, you must understand the airflow and control the same in your technical space. Cooling is also integral for achieving efficiency, sustaining the right environment, and managing hotspots. For this, you must look upon server heat load, server heat rejection and cool air supply levels as inter-related and not as separate, isolated systems.

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